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funny car trip [Permalink]

Tue Feb 24 19:51:10 EST 2009

My conversation in the car with Ben, (3 1/2 years old).... Ben - When I grow up I want to be a firefighter! Mommy - That's nice, a firefighter could be fun. Ben - Yeah (so and so kid at school) wants to be a fireman and drive a firetruck too. Mommy, what do you want to be when you grow up? Mommy - Well, I think a teacher. Ben - (laughing like I made a joke) No, Mom, you already ARE a teacher. Mommy - Oh, well, ok. Can I teach grown ups then? Because now I teach kids, so I guess I'd like to teach grown ups. Ben - Ok. (pauses) Mommy, are you all grown up? Mommy - Well, I'm done growing, I won't get any taller. Ben - (excited) You could always put blocks on your head. I turn and look at him, and he's dead serious, this is the solution. Blocks on my head. I respond, I guess I could, Ben."

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