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The Plague [Permalink]

Fri Apr 04 20:55:02 EDT 2008

We have just had the worst health period in the history of our family and K-Prep. After many years in childcare, I can weather most any virus that appears at school. This recent stomach virus took down my family, Ann's family, nearly every student at my school had some form of the virus. Every teacher was sick in some way these past ten days. It was awful! The worst part was that even when people thought the virus was over, they'd eat normally and be sick again within 24 hours.

When all the kids were finally healthy, parents were coming in to K-Prep telling us how they were getting's the virus that never ends!

Paige and Ben had their share of getting ill, mostly on pillows and mommy. Thankfully their spirits have been great, even though they have been barely eating. Of course, the decreased appetite has been nice since I have not been able to get to the grocery store because all I have done is work like crazy this week!

This weekend we are looking forward to some much needed rest and return to health!

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