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Paige is growing up!

Mon Sep 01 22:17:53 EDT 2008 (claire)

Paige has started Kindergarten, she loves it! I know nothing about what goes on all morning, other than some bits and pieces Paige tells me. She enjoys that they dress the weather man every morning at circle time and that the teacher called her to help one day. After (according to her) days of being patient while other kids raised their hands and called out, she just used a quiet hand. Paige does enjoy her afternoon program, WRAP through the YMCA. Every story she tells me is about WRAP, she says they don't play in the morning kindergarten, that's all work.

All of this is new for me, I think I knew deep down that it's not her growing up, or missing her during the day that would make this new experience so hard, but the fact that I don't know what's going on all day! I'm used to knowing the teachers, the lesson plans, the layout of the classroom and nearly every interaction she has all day. I'm sure I'll adjust. I did very well on her first day, I only had a few tears AFTER the bus pulled away. She didn't know I was upset at all, which was my goal.

She is definitely growing up! Tonight after a summer of practice, she road her two wheeler all by herself! I had just given up and flopped down on the basketball court so John could run along side her. I figured we would be her training wheels until she was 18, but then we just said to her, you try alone. John was taking some pictures of Ben and I saw her come across the court riding alone! I starting cheering for her and I had this amazing feeling of accomplishment for her, it was like she just won the Olympic gold. I was that excited!

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