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A weekend with Daddy! [Permalink]

Thu May 29 13:43:40 EDT 2008

On Saturday my cousin got married in Philadelphia, and I went solo, leaving the children with John. I'm happy to report that everyone had a good time doing something different. John experienced how the kids can behave so well with only one parent -- he took them to Harrisburg for the Arts Festival, and they had a blast. They also ate Chinese food for lunch, and John enjoyed that the kids are great eaters.

I had a nice time at the wedding. It was great to see my extended family, and I managed to sneak in a lunch with my good friend Erin. I enjoyed my train ride listening to my podcasts, reading the Real Simple magazine that I picked up and even the silence of the cab ride. It was nice to spend a bit of time without the family, but it was nice to come home too!

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