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July 2008
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The Simple Things

Thu Jul 31 22:50:40 EDT 2008 (claire)

It's amazing how as a parent you get excited over the littlest things. Tonight I cheered because I am 99% positive I won't have to change the sheets on the queen bed in the morning. I have washed them EVERYTIME Kha'sheim has slept. His paperwork from Deb's house says he is potty trained over night and John and I have found that to be completely not true. I didn't want to put him in diapers over night right away in case he would get upset, but finally today I gave up, I just couldn't keep up with all the laundry!

I could tell John was hesitant too in giving Kha'siem the pull-ups I bought. He said casually but enthusiastically (something only John can pull off), "Look Kha'siem, this is to wear for bed, put them on like underwear, see they have Shrek on them." Kha'siem had no clue about them being diapers and he ran around to tell Ben about the picture on them! Ben was excited for him and it was very cute.

Kha'siem has taken to calling me Mommy and has referred to John once or twice as Daddy. I think this could be a culture thing, or just something he picked up from Paige and Ben. This doesn't bother me at all, but I'm not sure if it should be something to be encouraged. We have a lot to learn about this type of care...

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Temporary Mother of 4

Tue Jul 29 22:08:16 EDT 2008 (claire)

John and I have become respite care parents through Deb's House, an organization in Lancaster City. This week is the second time Deb's House has called and needed us. The day before we left for vacation we had two children, Camrin, age 4 and Anja, age 1. We had them for 24 hours and we had a blast! I was exhausted while trying to get ready for a week vacation and suddenly having two extra children. But we made through it and everyone was really happy.

The day after we came home from vacation we accepted two new children, this time for a whole week. Kha'siem is 3 and Myasia is 11 months. We are having another great time, although this is a little more challenging. Kha'siem and Ben definitely play like brothers, although they don't have the completely love down yet, but I imagine it will come by the end of the week. Today at DW they held hands and rode some rides together. Paige loves Mya and loves everything about being a helper and the teacher. This is a HUGE help to me, I know I can trust her to hold hands, to get things for me and to keep an eye on anyone, especially Mya, when I ask. I am so proud of Paige and I keep thanking her for being so wonderful. It's a nice to change for our relationship.

I am curious to see how this whole week will continue to play out, I'm exhausted but we are having fun. Of course to add to the FUN, we are getting the entire foyer, downstairs hallway, steps and upstairs hallway painted this week! I thought the painters head was going to pop off when I mentioned two other children would be here this week. Ha Ha Ha!!!

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Horseback riding

Mon Jul 14 09:40:45 EDT 2008 (claire)

On Saturday, John, Paige, Beneidct and I went horseback riding. It was very cool, a fabulous experience I would love to repeat.

We went to Allimax Farms, right off Chickies Hill in Marietta. I would recommend this farm to anyone who wants a relaxing experience, especially with kids. The owner was very comfortable with kids and he rode with Paige and Ben rode with his daughter. You can see in the pictures that Paige is riding in the back, but Ben rode in front of the Ms. Amber because he is smaller and she could hold on to him and the reins. Paige was old enough to hold on herself. Many of the other places I looked at wouldn't allow children to ride until they were 7 years old.

Allimax was great that they took the kids along and it was very safe and comfortable for everyone. We had a blast and I look forward to another trip, let me know if you and/or your family are interested in coming along!
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