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July 2008
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Temporary Mother of 4

Tue Jul 29 22:08:16 EDT 2008 (claire)

John and I have become respite care parents through Deb's House, an organization in Lancaster City. This week is the second time Deb's House has called and needed us. The day before we left for vacation we had two children, Camrin, age 4 and Anja, age 1. We had them for 24 hours and we had a blast! I was exhausted while trying to get ready for a week vacation and suddenly having two extra children. But we made through it and everyone was really happy.

The day after we came home from vacation we accepted two new children, this time for a whole week. Kha'siem is 3 and Myasia is 11 months. We are having another great time, although this is a little more challenging. Kha'siem and Ben definitely play like brothers, although they don't have the completely love down yet, but I imagine it will come by the end of the week. Today at DW they held hands and rode some rides together. Paige loves Mya and loves everything about being a helper and the teacher. This is a HUGE help to me, I know I can trust her to hold hands, to get things for me and to keep an eye on anyone, especially Mya, when I ask. I am so proud of Paige and I keep thanking her for being so wonderful. It's a nice to change for our relationship.

I am curious to see how this whole week will continue to play out, I'm exhausted but we are having fun. Of course to add to the FUN, we are getting the entire foyer, downstairs hallway, steps and upstairs hallway painted this week! I thought the painters head was going to pop off when I mentioned two other children would be here this week. Ha Ha Ha!!!

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