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June 2008
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A visit to Grammy and Gramps house!

Thu Jun 26 12:52:56 EDT 2008 (claire)

Paige just returned from 5 days at my parents house. She loved every minute of her vacation. I was a little worried she would get homesick - but she was wonderful. Paige called everyday and talked to me, Daddy and Ben for a few moments each. The last day when I called her, she was busy riding her bike and didn't want to say hello, which was fine with me. I am so proud of her for being so grown up.

The highlights of Paige's vacation include: playing school with Grammy (constantly), riding her bike all around the driveways, including up and down the big hill, getting her nails painted, going shopping at Target, where she got new jewelry, and visiting my uncles house for my cousins high school graduation party. She had an all around fabulous time and it was just the right amount of time, she was very happy to see Ben and I on her last day. I knew Paige missed us, because she snuggled with me for 45 minutes while we watched part of a movie. Also Paige and Ben played together pretty much non stop for the next two days, it is great that they are buddies.

Ben enjoyed his alone time with Mommy and Daddy too. We kept him pretty well entertained so he didn't get bored without Paige. The highlight of his weekend was going to the Hands on House and a special lunch with just Mommy. The highlight for Daddy and I was when he learned to ride his big boy bike on Friday night. It was a magical moment, he was no longer a toddler on a tricycle, he was a grown up boy.

Some moments I am sad by how big they are, but mostly I'm proud of them for who they are becoming!

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