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March 2008
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Grocery Shopping

Wed Mar 12 22:33:45 EDT 2008 (claire)

We are finally able to start cooking again, I did not realize how much I actually use my oven until I was without it for two weeks! Of course, to celebrate our newly fixed oven, the kids and I went grocery shopping. Why is taking two small children to the grocery store always end in a small disaster?

I have been giving the children more “freedom” in the grocery store, i.e., they do not have to ride in the shopping cart or attached race car. They do fairly well, until the check out line. At John Herr's last week, Ben ran to the end of the check out line, crashed one cart into another, into another, into another into a cardboard display stand which of course fell over. I had to run and grab Ben, because he was still smiling and laughing at me. I ended up signing my receipt while stepping on Benedict at my feet so that he wouldn't run anywhere.

Every trip to the store I am reminded of my aunt, who once said she knows the entire bill before she gets to the check out. She manages to mentally add everything up in the cart and knows if the cashier is the slightest bit off. I am lucky if I hear the person say the total before I swipe my card, scribble something illegible as I repeat for the seven hundredth time, “You stay with Mommy in the store!”

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