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February 2008
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Mon Feb 25 20:35:13 EST 2008 (claire)

Dinner time is so valuable. We eat dinner as a family every night of the week. This is a time we chat about our day, share our favorite thing of the day and something we didn't like about our day. John and I do our best to talk with the kids and include them in our conversations, but sometimes, it is just adult talk.

The presidential race is a hot topic at our dinner table. One night a few weeks ago, I thought I would clue the kids into Mom and Dad's discussion on the presidential primary race. Of course, since the fun of being parents is to share our opinions, the children are excited over the prospect of a female president. (They are still "color-blind" so they don't understand the significance of a black man running for president.)

Teaching about the presidential race has opened the doors to so many topics. Paige wants to know about winning and losing, for example, tonight she asked, "What's a landslide?". We also have had the opportunity to talk about what it means to be in charge, what responsibilities the rest of us have, especially in choosing the right candidate. Tonight we spoke about Clinton losing and Obama winning and how we are sad and happy at the same time. We spoke about how to look for the best in people, how to be proud of someone for trying so hard, because you never really lose if you try your best. That is a lesson that is not over her head.

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When I grow up...

Thu Feb 21 14:03:30 EST 2008 (claire)

In asking the children what they would like to be when they grow up, Paige has been consistent for the last few years, she wants to be an illustrator. Ben, on the other hand, doesn't seem to grasp the question. The other day he said, "When I grow up, I want to be a spaceship." Paige asked him if he meant be on a spaceship, like an astronaut. Ben was insistent that he is going to BE A SPACESHIP!

I have no idea if Ben thinks he will grow up to be something other than a person, but it's sure funny!

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A trip to the Poconos

Thu Feb 14 14:54:21 EST 2008 (claire)

Last weekend we went to the Poconos with two other families. Everyone had a very good time! It snowed on Saturday and we took the kids for a nice walk/hike in the snow, found a cardboard box lid and then dragged the children around as if it were a sled. I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or adults.

On a potty training note, Ben stayed dry overnight all weekend, but of course he did not stay dry overnight once we came home. Paige was great all weekend, once she calmed down. She was a little crazy when we first arrived and she saw her friend Sarah. I was very proud of her and Sarah, they had a blast playing together downstairs - not bugging any adults - for a hours.

It all around was a great vacation and was a nice way to hold us over until camping starts at the end of March. I just made the first reservation for Virginia Beach over Easter Weekend.

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Kindergarten Choices

Tue Feb 05 21:38:25 EST 2008 (claire)

(My paragraph button seems to have temporarily disappeared, I apologize for the one lone paragraph.) Tonight I attended yet another possible kindergarten school for Paige next year. This time it was Penn Manor, the local public school district. The downside is the program is only half day and John and I both work full-time. The alternative to full day kindergarten is an after school program run by the Lancaster YWCA. At the end of morning kindergarten at Hambright, Paige would take a bus to Central Manor elementary school and eat lunch in the cafeteria and then join a class of about 20 children for daycare. I am not excited about this alternative for a number of reasons. First, I will never be able to keep track of two classrooms and two sets of teachers. Second, I'm uncomfortable with her riding such a great distance on a school bus. Third, I'm afraid she will be bored in the classroom, the curriculum does not seem very interesting, basic reading, writing and math. The best things about Penn Manor are price, supporting public education and a neighborhood school. The runner up school is The New School, a Montessori education, in Lancaster City. I like everything about this school, except I am somewhat unsure about the multi-age classroom. The students in her class are ages 3 to 5, she would be in the oldest group. Although I think she'll do well. It's just expensive. We'll see.
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Single Mommy Week

Mon Feb 04 20:55:02 EST 2008 (claire)

John is in Denver this week, so I am a single Mommy until Friday. We had a rough morning getting out the door to school today, but that's a normal Monday. After school we went to library to grab some new books for the week, then they played happily while I made dinner and did some general chores. Both Paige and Ben were very helpful cleaning up the mess we call the play room, without any fight! I am actually looking forward to the week, gives me some time to myself and one on one time with the kids. We'll see how it goes, I'm sure I'll be pulling my hair out at some point waiting for John to come home!
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