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Thomas the Tank Engine

Thu Sep 01 09:13:43 EDT 2005 (john)

Paige has found Thomas the Tank Engine, and can't get enough. She started out seeing the train tables at Barnes and Noble, then finding it on PBS On-Demand, reading a few tiny board books, and finally borrowing a little Thomas toy from her friend, Hayden. Borrowed Thomas went everywhere, watched her sleep, sat on the table to watch her eat, etc. After all this, we finally realized she has found her first "interest".

After about a week of playing with borrowed Thomas, we excitedly ran out to Toys R Us and bought her a small (but surprisingly expensive) sampling of Thomas toys. We skipped on actual track for now, but we did pick up a wooden Thomas and a wooden Percy. (She wouldn't need track to carry them around, run them on floors, and have them watch her eat breakfast.) We also picked up a few books, since we really wanted her to have other Thomas stories without necessarily having to watch them on television all the time.

Finally, to exercise her new talent in puzzles as well, we found a large 24-piece Thomas & Friends floor puzzle. We went a little nuts, but it was just too exciting and fun to deny. It's great to listen to her try to recount stories with all the named trains, and sometimes just completely make up absurd stories about what the trains do.

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