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Back to School 2009

Tue Sep 01 06:50:59 EDT 2009 (john)

Ben Paige Paige and Ben are back to school now. Ben's at the newly expanded K-Prep preschool, and Paige is in first grade.

Apparently, first grade recess is a bit short ("I barely had a chance to cross the monkey bars."), but Paige quickly remembered that she also has art class and music class within the first days of school. She also knows a couple kids already in her class.

Ben had been sort of on and off about school over the summer, but he's greatly excited to be in the brand new preschool rooms of K-Prep -- there are new friends and new toys.

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Thomas the Tank Engine

Thu Sep 01 09:13:43 EDT 2005 (john)

Paige has found Thomas the Tank Engine, and can't get enough. She started out seeing the train tables at Barnes and Noble, then finding it on PBS On-Demand, reading a few tiny board books, and finally borrowing a little Thomas toy from her friend, Hayden. Borrowed Thomas went everywhere, watched her sleep, sat on the table to watch her eat, etc. After all this, we finally realized she has found her first "interest".

After about a week of playing with borrowed Thomas, we excitedly ran out to Toys R Us and bought her a small (but surprisingly expensive) sampling of Thomas toys. We skipped on actual track for now, but we did pick up a wooden Thomas and a wooden Percy. (She wouldn't need track to carry them around, run them on floors, and have them watch her eat breakfast.) We also picked up a few books, since we really wanted her to have other Thomas stories without necessarily having to watch them on television all the time.

Finally, to exercise her new talent in puzzles as well, we found a large 24-piece Thomas & Friends floor puzzle. We went a little nuts, but it was just too exciting and fun to deny. It's great to listen to her try to recount stories with all the named trains, and sometimes just completely make up absurd stories about what the trains do.

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Fri Aug 19 14:07:20 EDT 2005 (claire)

Yesterday was a very proud day! I took Paige and Ben grocery shopping and they did great! Paige walked next to me or held on to the cart, she never once tried to run away. Ben did fabulous too, he hung out sleeping or looking around in his car seat. I was relieved he did well, because i forgot the sling!

When we came home from the store, Paige went to work on her 25 piece Clifford puzzle. She started yelling at one point, "I DID IT! MOMMY I DID IT!!!" She was so proud of herself. I came running into the room and saw she put the whole puzzle together herself!!!

Sometimes her abilities blow me away... I was so proud of her and it was great to see her grinning from ear to ear with pride!

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Paige is 2!

Fri May 20 10:00:52 EDT 2005 (john)

Thank you everyone who came out to Paige's little birthday party. I think we counted up about 40 people -- many were Paige's little friends and cousins.

Stacey has pictures, and Aimie has pictures. My pictures and video are still on their respective cameras, and I hope to get them posted soon.

Paige was such the social butterfly, it seems we barely got to see her. Fortunately there are pictures! I think everyone slept well that night.

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There's Nothing New in There Since the Last Time You Looked

Thu Mar 24 16:17:30 EST 2005 (john)

Paige can tug open the refrigerator door and stand there and stare. I probably taught her that. She usually goes looking for fruit of some sort, or unsuccessfully tries to get the gallon of milk off the door.

I guess I can send her to get me stuff, now!

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Tue Mar 01 09:11:44 EST 2005 (john)

Paige has apparently figured out how to reboot Claire's notebook. I came home yesterday to Paige earnestly working at the LILO boot prompt. I figure she must have shut it down with the power button, but then managed to press the button again to turn it back on.

I guess I should have taken a picture, since she won't be as cute when she finds her way to the bigger computers in the office.

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New Puzzles

Wed Jan 05 11:08:50 EST 2005 (john)

For Christmas, we got Paige a couple more advanced puzzles. Instead of shapes with proper spots to place them, they have a whole picture cut into 10 pieces or so.

Claire taught her to look for the curved edges (Paige points and says "curvy" now) and match them to the outside edges the puzzle. Once she places those, she's done in moments. She'll finish the puzzle mostly, if not completely, on her own. She then yells "dump!", and dumps it out to do it again.

I even have a little video of her doing a whole puzzle. It's about 2 minutes long, and I'll post it someday.

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The "Break Out In Song" Gene

Wed Jan 05 10:58:04 EST 2005 (john)

Paige has been demonstrating that she's inherited the "Break Out In Song" gene from Claire's family. Demonstrating her ability to string more and more words together, she'll sing:

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
and even more recently:
Rain, rain, go away!

Also in her cutest voice, she'll count a little in Spanish or English -- uno, dos, tres. With some prompting, she can get to 10 in either language.

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Tue Dec 28 12:51:44 EST 2004 (john)

When provided with shoes and a hard toy or two, Paige can almost climb from her crib. She's getting close. For the next couple months we'll need to be careful to be sure to not put her to bed with her shoes and toys. I think the sneakers were the biggest key to being able to scale the crib side.

As we approach her birthday in May, we'll probably get her new bedroom ready with a regular bed. We have quite a bit of rearranging to do first -- the office must move down to the basement, and the guest room into the office, then the guest room can be made into Paige's new room.

The key is to do it well before July, so Paige doesn't feel displaced from her current room by the new baby.

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