Paige and Benedict

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15 Week Drs. Appt [Permalink]

Thu Jan 13 13:13:26 EST 2005

John, Paige and I went to the OBGYN last night to listen to the baby and check on Mommy! Everything is going great, I gained 2.5lbs (yeah!) and the baby's heartbeat is around 152 bpm. My uterus measured a little big, around 18 weeks, but I am most likely carrying the baby differently than Paige. We go for a 20 week ultrasound (first one!) on Wed, Feb 16th. We are not going to find out the baby's gender, just a routine check on all the internal organs. I am looking forward to seeing our first picture! Paige cannot come to the ultrasound, they don't allow children to be there. So we will just have to show her the picture of the baby. She already knows the baby's heart goes "boom boom boom."

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