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32 Weeks

Fri May 20 09:54:00 EDT 2005 (john)

Disregarding a slight case of mistaken identity and misdocumented weight-gain, the 32 week appointment went well. We're right on target.

They pulled the wrong chart, and had the chart for someone only 19-weeks along, so the midwife re-asked us lots of questions we'd answered months before this appointment. Once that was cleared up, the nurse had scrawled Claire's weight on the form 10 lbs heavier than she actually was, so they had to go out to the scale again to verify her correct weight.

It took until the trip home and a few math steps to figure out that Claire really is on track for weight -- gaining 1 lb per week from here on out.

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Fri Feb 04 23:28:18 EST 2005 (john)

We went for the standard ultrasound on Thursday morning. Everything looks great, and we got some great pictures.

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15 Week Drs. Appt

Thu Jan 13 13:13:26 EST 2005 (claire)

John, Paige and I went to the OBGYN last night to listen to the baby and check on Mommy! Everything is going great, I gained 2.5lbs (yeah!) and the baby's heartbeat is around 152 bpm. My uterus measured a little big, around 18 weeks, but I am most likely carrying the baby differently than Paige. We go for a 20 week ultrasound (first one!) on Wed, Feb 16th. We are not going to find out the baby's gender, just a routine check on all the internal organs. I am looking forward to seeing our first picture! Paige cannot come to the ultrasound, they don't allow children to be there. So we will just have to show her the picture of the baby. She already knows the baby's heart goes "boom boom boom."
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Heart Beat!

Thu Dec 16 11:17:26 EST 2004 (john)

We heard the heart beat at our second appointment. Paige didn't really understand what she was hearing, but she did play with everything in the room.

Claire is 11 weeks along now, and we're due July 4th.

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